Our Community Support

From Spring 2022, the following individuals and organizations contributed time and money to The Castle. Thank you, you are awesome!

Thomas Neff

Dr. & Joan Greenfield

Linda Felker

St. George’s Episcopal Church

Southmister Church – Presbyterian Women

Mr. & Ms. Art Paradise

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

Care Source Foundation

Centerville Optimist Club

Centerville Rotary Club

Centerville Washington Foundation

Centerville Women’s Civic Club

Heart of Centerville

Dayton Foundation

Incarnation Leisure Club

Knights of Columbus

Lexis Nexis

Oakwood Rotary Club

Southminster Presbyterian Church

St. Leonard’s Faith Community

The Ohio Community Pooled Annuity Trust

Wallace Foundation

Westminster Presbyterian Women

Restoration Church

Our Service Partners

South Community Behavioral Health
NAMI – Montgomery County

Other Links

City of Centerville