Your Donation!

The individuals we support rely on us to share their stories of recovery, so to encourage and inspire you in helping us reach our mission, we would like to give you some brief highlights on this year’s accomplishments at The Castle as well as snapshots of a few of the fieldtrips we took!

-2019 Building Highlights-

After accepting the mortgage in 2017, we have been busy at work making The Castle more accessible to all, one way we did that was by adding a wheelchair friendly elevator. It has been extremely helpful for those who have challenges getting to our upstairs meeting room and art studio. In the picture to your right you will see our Co-founders Tony Staub (left) & Dick Neff (right) enjoying the first ride!


This summer we replaced the roof, got new gutters, cleared out and reorganized all storage sheds, and have had multiple volunteer groups come to help keep up on the garden and landscaping. By the end of this year alone we will have put another $50,000 towards work being done on the property. The Building funds being matched will go towards paying down the mortgage and more renovations to keep the grounds up to code .                                                                                                                                                                                                         

2019 Member Highlights-

This has been a time of growth and adventure! Through the help of our Peer Support Specialists and our peer facilitated groups, three of our members have gotten part time jobs! One of which it is her first job ever! Another member has been able to identify her needs and titrate down some of her medication after being highly medicated for years, improving her quality of life. These have been some of our member triumphs over this year, but it doesn’t end there!


We also supported a medical massage student in her externship that involved providing weekly therapeutic massage to those with mental illness in order to help support a whole-listic approach in mental health stability and increase general body awareness. On top of that exciting news we are now in the process of supporting a doctoral student in her dissertation towards occupational therapy with the members!

-Field Trips & Adventures-

So many field trips this year are worth mentioning but we will only list a few on here, if you follow our Facebook page you will see snapshots of these on the regular! One of our annual favorites is the BB Riverboats trip that is only possible through our generous donors and loving friends. Here to the right is one of our favorite photos of this adventure!



Before the BB River boats trip we also did our Annual Camp Chautauqua Excursion where we spend a good portion of the week camping, crafting, swimming, and playing games! And the last photo is from our most recent Ohio Caverns field trip!



To recap, we would like to thank our donors for everything you have already helped us to achieve. We urge you to stay connected and generous because your support is needed now more than ever.


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