Our Newsletter – December 2016

December Newsletter

Members’ President’s Corner

Hi Everyone,

One of my favorite parts of being a member at The Castle is the peer support, friendship, and community that I experience on a daily basis.

We play games, both indoor and outdoor, and do art projects. We share difficulties and sorrows too. Sometimes we sit around and discuss world events, politics, and family news. We have discussion and peer support groups also which help us all.

Every month we have a membership meeting where we discuss issues that have come up, plan new events and activities, and share ideas about life at The Castle.

Every day, we find ways to encourage and help each other.

 Pete  B, President           

Other Club Officers:

Laura R, VP

Mark P, Secretary

Charlene A, Treasurer

Beth C, Social Director

Beth W,  Back up Social Director



Christmas meal on December 9th @ 12:00

Christmas Party with Santa on December 16th @ 12:30

Going out to shopping for the gifts on December 12th @ 1:00


Gas cards for The  Castle Van

Fresh vegetables and fruits to serve during lunch

Gift cards from Kroger for grocery

4 hams for Christmas dinner

9 pies for Christmas dinner


Campfire ring